My Wife Wrote This Beautiful Poem Called
While she was going thru her Cancer Treatments.
( November 29, 1959 - May 25, 2012 )

Giving Me This Day !

I May Never See Tomorrow; There's no, Written Guarantee.
And the Thing's that Happened Yesterday, Belong to History.
I can not predict the future, I can not change the past.
I have Just the Present Moment's, I must treat them as my last.
I Must always use this Moment Wisely, for it soon will Pass Away,
And be lost to me for ever,as Part of Yesterday.

I must exercise compassion,help the fallen to there feet.
Be a friend unto the friendless,make a empty life complete.
The unkind thing's I do today, May never be undone,
And friendships that I fail to win, May never more be won.
I may not have another chance on Bended knees to Pray,
And i Thank God with Humble Heart, for him,
Giving Me This Day.

Written By / Joyce Kay Estes-Teel
Copyright 2013 Emory Brit Teel
Mailing Address
Emory B Teel, PO Box 338, Greenville Texas 75403

I Hope You Got a Blessing, out of My Wifes Poem
My Wife Helped Many People, While Battling With Her Cancer
You could see Jesus in Her, In Her Love, Mercy and Kindness for Others
I held my wifes hand, as she took her last breath in this world
Jesus Came and Took Her ( May 25 12:35 AM 2012 )
I Have Hope, In Jesus, to Join Her Again Some Day, In Heaven
May God Now Grant You, Peace & Hope Thru, Jesus Christ, Amen !